GlobalHooper has embraced a culture of community giving since its inception. Philanthropy and community involvement is woven throughout the GlobalHooper culture. 

For every item sold, GlobalHooper will make a donation to Rays of Light Philanthropic. The money will be used to improve the life of underprivileged children with basic needs including school supplies, toiletries, clothes, toys and more. 


About Rays of Light Philanthropic

Rays of Light Philanthropic, a non-profit organization, exists to improve the quality of life for underprivileged children. RLP is committed to educating the community about the pervasive issue of foster care and homelessness among children through our events. Our desire is to nurture the spirit of servant-hood by enlisting our community members to help us serve the under-served.

Mission Statement

Support child welfare agencies and religious organizations by promoting emotional, spiritual, social, and academic growth of underprivileged children and advancing their well-being by encouraging Christian responsibility and commitment to strengthen and preserve family life.

Vision Statement

Build partnerships among community based child welfare service agencies to strengthen the family unit and produce prepared, productive young adults to make positive contributions to our society.